Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you will need to have a passport up to date and upon entering you will be given a permit that allows you to stay up to 90 days in the country. The citizens of the United States and Canada do not need a visa to enter Costa Rica. Citizens of other countries are recommended to consult the nearest Costa Rican embassy or consulate, in order to verify the entry requirements to the country.

The weather, in general, is very pleasant throughout the year. It is a tropical climate with an average temperature between 20-22 °C (65-80 °F). The weather rises considerably in coastal areas. From May to November, we usually have rain in the afternoons, but with sunny mornings. As a piece of advice, bring an umbrella, flashlight, fresh clothes, and a sweater or jacket.

Yes, this is one of the main reasons for coming to Costa Rica. Our team has strategic alliances with hotels, travel agencies and local operators that will gladly help you combine your surgery with tourism and other recreation activities. You can contact us prior to your trip so we can help you organize it in the best way possible.


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