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Beauty is an abstract and subjective concept/quality (because for some something might be beautiful whereas for others may not be). This conceptualization of beauty is present in the minds of most human beings, which produce an intense pleasure, and comes from sensory or ideal manifestations. It could be defined as:

The splendor of form through matter, ideas, or sensations.

The cognitive sensory perception that stimulates a learned pattern of harmony by perceiving a physical entity that produces a sense of pleasure; it can be auditory (listen to a musical piece or a pleasant voice associated with a loved one); or, visual (see a model of harmonious figure or a landscape whose components give us serenity, greatness, solemnity, and pleasure). The other senses such as touch, taste, and smell are not so related to this learning.

In its deepest sense, beauty can engender an experience emanating a positive reflection on the meaning of someone’s own existence. «A beautiful object» is something that reveals personal meaning. Religious and moral teachings often focus on divinity and the virtue of beauty and affirm natural beauty as an aspect of spirituality and truth.

Scholars of aesthetics and philosophers have not yet agreed on the definition of beauty. Beauty is not defined, it is recognized. It is a quality, a concept, a feeling, which is characterized by its relativity; there is no universal criterion despite the fact that there are approximations to the absolute approaches to perfection, that only exist as an ideal.

Understanding the nature of beauty is one of the key issues in the philosophical discipline known as aesthetics.

A common idea suggests that beauty exists in the aspect of things and people who are “well”. A good apple will be more beautiful than a bruised one. Also, most people judge physically attractive human beings marking them as if they are fine, both physically and at a deeper level even if they possess a variety of positive traits and personality characteristics.

I call it BALANCE.

This is the keyword when one opts for Plastic Surgery. When we start to live in balance with our body, we end up liking more of ourselves and look towards life in a more positive or optimistic way…

When the imbalance affects our self-criticism, then it’s time to think about cosmetic surgery.

Dr. Juan Ramón Poveda Xatruch


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